Workplace Bullying, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Violence

Laws on workplace bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, and violence are continuously being updated and expanded to address modern day workplace issues. At the same time, employees are becoming increasingly vocal regarding their concerns and experiences at the workplace.

It is more important than ever to carefully navigate the ever-evolving legal entitlements and obligations of the employee and employer.

At Lee Workplace Law, we have extensive experience with workplace bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, and violence related issues.

We routinely assist individuals in achieving the desired outcome. This may include complaining against workplace concerns, structuring a healthy and safe reporting relationship, or negotiating exit packages. For employers, we advise on effective and appropriate ways to respond to and defend workplace complaints.

Whether you are an employee or employer, chances are, the circumstances of your workplace concerns are unique and fact-specific. Our value-added approach is client-focused. We listen to clients, and we understand what it is you wish to achieve. We design custom tailored strategies that suit your objective and needs. We find creative ways to navigate challenging and sensitive workplace issues. Our aim always is to resolve complex workplace issues with the least amount of aggravation, energy, and cost.

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