In the past year the Ontario employment laws have shaken up workplace and HR practices due to recent sweeping statutory changes. The previous Provincial government enacted a Bill which came into force on January 1, 2018. Then, many of these changes where altered by the current governmentís Bill, which took effect January 1, 2019. What has happened now that the dust has settled?

These changes carry significant ripple effects to all organizations operating in Ontario, small and large. Are you incorporating these changes into your workplace? Are you planning ahead effectively? Take this opportunity to learn from an expert the impact these changes will have on your company and help give you a peace of mind.

Some of the topics include:

Cannabis at the Workplace

  • Whatís allowed, and whatís not?
  • What does/should your employee manual cover?
  • Does your employee manual protect your business?

New and Controversial Employment Standards Changes for 2019

  • From Bill 148 to Bill 47, whatís gone, whatís new, and whatís newer?
  • Getting it right once and for all the minimum standards that are here to stay

Updates on Bonuses at Termination

  • When is discretionary bonus truly discretionary?
  • What are your obligations as the employer on paying bonuses to the departing employee
  • Does your employment agreement protect you on bonuses?

Join us over breakfast to learn about these changes and how they impact your organization.

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