Let's Talk About LEAVES

Part I Addendum

At a Glance Chart - Maternity and Parental

Please review this chart together with our discussion on this topic on Let's Talk About Leaves - Part I. Maternity and Parental.

Province to province comparison on maternity and parental leaves across Canada:

Length of continuous employent to be eligiblePregnancy Leave (weeks)Parental Leave (weeks)
Earliest start before due dateLength of leaveLength of leave
Alberta52 weeks121537
British Columbia111735 for the pregnant employee; or 37 for other parents
Manitoba7 months171737
New Brunswick111737
Newfoundland and Labrador20 weeks171735
Northwest Territories12 months171737
Nova Scotia1 year161735 for the pregnancy employee; or 52 for other parents
Nunavut12 months171737
Ontario13 weeks171735
Prince Edward Island20 weeks111735 for birth parents, but, 52 for adoptive parents
Saskatchewan13 weeks1218 for pregnant and adoptive parents;34 for employees who have taken pregnancy or adoptive leave; 37 for other parents who have not;
Yukon12 months1737